Memory Collective comprises of seven researchers at the Royal College of Art, London.

We visualise different ways in which history forms our understanding of the world. But cracks and holes begin to appear in this pursuit of collective rather than just collected memory.

The 'memory palace' is a method used to help recall information by associating it with different objects, places and stories. But this is a structure we have found in ruins. It becomes a maze that leads to dead ends and unexpected destinations. It malfunctions, repeats and disorientates.

The wiring of our short and long term memories is what allows us to understand and think into the future: telling us that the past and future are connected just as remembering is with forgetting. But what can we learn from asking whether our memories form reliable truths? As the places and objects in your memory palace change and decay through time, how will your trip down memory lane twist and turn? Where will the maze of memories lead you?

Follow your own journey between our Art and Design practices, as we share blurred and glitching memories of times past and stories told. Enter a labyrinth that does not always lead to the same place twice...


Enter the Reading Room

Contributors: Alia Ahmad, Ahaad Alamoudi, Ziad Alnussayan, Qingfan An, Pragya Bhargava, Harry Coday and Ain Kim.

July 2020. NB. The Memory Maze works best on desktop browsers.